Our Extension Services

We’re excited to bring you our extension services that include bespoke monogramming and gifting service. Whether you're treating yourself or a loved one, our personalized Everyday Pajamas are guaranteed to please. Read more

Celebrating Raya at Home with The Wave We Love

Wave represents the ocean and is part of the great depths and horizons. Being the constant motion of life, the wave symbolises emotions and creativity. Following the inspiration, we designed the Wave print to embody movements and motions, supported by the loose and flowy silhouette of each piece. Read more

#EverydayLeadingWomen: Channeling the Empowerment

In celebrating women’s month, SARE/ studio collaborating with WomenWorks and other aspiring female leaders to share their journey, struggle and achievement. In this second part of the journal, we talked more about channelling the empowerment. We know, you can’t get enough of a story about supporting and cheering other women!

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Welcoming Wadari

Being at home for a whole year has shaped us to seek beauties in the small things in our surroundings. Some of us find them in the serenity that comes with our morning routine. While many others find them in their newly made home-garden, growing plants and seeing them bloom. This print is our take on that, of how simple things and small beauties are enough to make us feel good. Read more

#EverydayLeadingWomen: Everyday Women Empower, Empower Women Everyday

As a female-founded brand, SARE/ studio cares about women and that’s become the fundamental. In celebrating women’s month, we’re collaborating with WomenWorks and other aspiring female leaders to share their journey, struggles and achievements. Through their stories, we hope it gives you power, confidence and experience to learn from. We hope it empowers you to do things you’ve been insecure with and just go for it. Read more