Shocks: the Cozy Quarantine Essentials

Since we all spent most of our time home for the past year, our fashion preferences have begun shifting and there’s a growing preference for comfort. In this second article of five, meet Shocks, a local brand that makes fun socks, the perfect finishing touch to your Everyday Pajamas looks. Read the interview below.

How did you get started with Shocks?

The initial idea of designing unique and quirky socks came from Shocks designer Aras Ratri Kara, after she graduated from one of the most prestigious and highest-profile fashion schools in Japan, Bunka Gakuen University, back in 2015.

Her original designs can be seen throughout the collections with vibrant, mismatched colors and patterns. Considered as unconventional, Shocks embodies one-of-a-kind designs with profound intentions to bring joy and colors into the world of socks.

The name "Shocks" itself means giving and sharing daily surprises to the customers with our quirky socks.

Which of your creations feels most to you and why?

With more than 20 designs I have created, FEAST Collection would be one with the most enjoyable design process. The collection has tons of colors and design types, from the subtle ones to the most playful with glitters.

What is the best thing to do if you are to stay in pajamas all day?

Binge watching Japanese drama series!

If you are to run quick errands, pick one personal item you’d pair your Everyday Pajamas with?

Shocks, definitely! :)

Shop Shocks for SARE/ studio's collection here.