In Harmony with SARE/ studio x KAMI

With their infinite array of shapes and colors, coral reefs never fail to astound even the most seasoned divers. Coral reefs are one of the most significant elements in marine life; an essential to the biological balance of the ocean. Hence, not only they symbolize beauty, but also harmony.

The allure of the sea is hard to ignore and has inspired people for many, many years. In our case, it has allowed us to take a deep-sea dive by bringing you a special sleepwear collection like no other, awash with oceanic references, from the harmonious collaboration between SARE/ studio x KAMI.

Founded by Istafiana Candarini, Nadya Karina, and Afina Candarini, KAMI is renowned for their signature feminine and modest aesthetic with a sophisticated twist. Therefore, this collection features all that. We’re presenting you a little bit of everything and a lot of one particular thing, In Harmony.

From what the print itself characterizes, the five combined personalities working together as one, to the variety it offers to the whole family. 

Explore the harmonious sub-level wonders here.