Our Extension Services

We always want to go above and beyond in making sure that your Everyday Pajamas purchase is as personal as we can make it, with the perfect finishing touches. Because sleep is precious, and what you wear to sleep should be too. Besides, there is nothing more confusing than not knowing which sleepwear are yours or your other family member’s (it’s happened multiple times to us, everyone!).

That being the case, we’re excited to bring you our extension services that include bespoke monogramming and gifting service. Whether you're treating yourself or a loved one, our personalized Everyday Pajamas are guaranteed to please.


Monogramming Service 

How to Order

1. Select a product to be embroidered

The options are currently limited to collared Everyday Pajamas

2. Decide the letterings

The service fee is IDR 49.000 for up to 3 letters

3. Allow 5-7 working days to process this

We’ll notify you when your order is ready to be shipped


Gifting Service

Order our selection of Gift Sets or add a gift box for IDR 100,000 and make any purchase a special gift to your loved ones

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