KouKou: Keeping A Safe Distant in Style

We always believe in the collective growth of everyone, especially the ones near and dear to us. Because flowers never bloom alone and together, we grow collective power. And what better way to celebrate the launch of our new collection, Time to Bloom, than with most-promising local brands that have caught our eyes? 

In this first article of five, let us introduce you to KouKou, a fun and cool mask chain brand that will spruce up your pandemic look. Read the interview below and check back in regularly to see more!

How did you get started with KouKou?

My mom kept on forgetting to wear her mask and I decided to create a mask chain for her and also gave some to my closest friends. After a while, my other friends started to ask me to make one for them. As I decided to take on orders, it allowed me to explore more of my own style and design which led to KouKou and what it is now.  

Which of your creations feels most to you and why?

Each and every one of my creations because each chain reflects my current mood & state of mind. It all has a personal touch to it and is associated with how I felt at the time I was creating them.

What is the best thing to do if you are to stay in pajamas all day?

Binge on K-drama or (((maybe))) read a book :P 

If you are to run quick errands, pick one personal item you’d pair your Everyday Pajamas with?


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