Kiloalta: Perfecting the At-Home Wellness Routine

Home is where the heart is. As we’re spending more time home now, it's more essential than ever that we find ways to take care of ourselves, be it through doing physical activities or finding products to help improve our lives.

In this fourth article of five, let us introduce you to Kiloalta, a local wellness brand that offers a variety of natural remedy beauty care. Read the interview below.

How did you get started with Kiloalta?

Kiloalta was born in 2018 as a part of my self healing journey. I created Kiloalta because I was trying to find the best formula with the safest and cleanest ingredients that offer a solution for everyone. And not only for beauty, Kiloalta also a platform to educate, share, and inspire others in wellness, mental health, and spirituality.

Which of your creations feels most to you and why?

Tension Remedy Oil was my first creation, made to alleviate my continuous pain around my neck and shoulder area, and it worked. Since then, I have committed to myself to help offer solutions with effective natural ingredients with lovely scents.

What is the best thing to do if you are to stay in pajamas all day?

Playing with my cats haha, exploring new formulas, or just like any other day, trying my best to enjoy the simple joys the day has to offer. 

If you are to run quick errands, pick one personal item you’d pair your Everyday Pajamas with?

Red lipstick and sunglasses!

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