It's Our Time to Bloom

After riding the Wave we’re in these days, SARE/ studio believes that we’ve all grown in many different ways, and now is the time for another chapter, another way to look at whatever phases we’re in.

To grow and bloom like flowers means to thrive in life. With that in mind, we decided to explore the universality of feminine through vibrant shades and fresh silhouettes in the new Daisy print, which symbolizes faith and the opportunity to begin again. It’s a kind reminder to slow down and be present, or like the saying says “Stop and smell the flowers.” Let’s allow Daisy to be that flower.

And as daisies never bloom alone, we also invited curated, most-promising local brands to join this campaign by creating exclusive collaboration pieces, inspired by our in-house designed Daisy print. Together with Admisión, Thrē Design, Kiloalta, KouKou Chains, and Shocks, we’re serving the cherry on top of your Everyday Pajamas, to elevate your look or simply upgrade your at-home experiences, which you can find at #SAREdiRumah shop.

Let’s live in bloom all season long. Discover the collection here.