In Sync with the Colorful Future

Who we are today is not the same as who we were last year, nor three months ago. The force of nature has made us hit the pause button to re-evaluate our priorities in life. But at the same time, the world seems to have never been more distant from us.

Working 9-to-5, enjoying an evening out with friends and family, and other activities we used to do so carefreely have made a sharp pivot. While working remotely has been a saving grace for many, blurring boundaries between work and life has become challenging, to say the least.

While we’re in for changes, at SARE/ studio, we believe in human connections and taking things slow. So when we were having this conversation with Dita Yolashasanti, better known as Ditut, we decided to create a collaboration collection that reflects the human-nature connection and living through changes with a positive outlook toward the future.

We partnered up with Ditut for this collection because we admire her colorful artistic exploration, something we could use to make us feel good these days, which we deliver in Ditut’s signature mark—playful and colorful prints. And the fact that living half the world away didn’t stop us from making this collaboration happen feels a bit like we’re restoring the connections we have in a world that’s pulling apart. Synchronising the desynchronized.

SARE/ studio x Dita Yolashasanti is our daily wear collection that is made with rayon-cotton material in exclusive prints designed by Ditut herself. We hope to bring out more simple options to wear on the daily, just like how our customers like.

Discover the collection here.