Going Mad for Plaids

Trends may come and go, but one thing remains the same: plaids are anything but square.

For this latest release of our Comfort Wear collection, we want to satisfy our customers' recurring demand, a collection of #EverydayComfort wear that features timeless designs and patterns that are not too loud, in SARE/ studio’s signature colorways. Now let us introduce you to our more refined spin on the trend. The perfect way to add a hint of playfulness to your everyday wardrobe.

The plaid print has always been in style, and lately, it’s been hard to miss. It’s classic, bold, yet versatile enough to mix and match, even with other patterns if you’re up for some maximalist looks. We’re introducing you to some of our new designs, Nara, Daru, and Kai, that each features a timeless silhouette with a fresh, modern flair.

This collection is our answer to your warm welcome towards our Comfort Wear, after SARE/ studio x Dita Yolasashanti collection. You may have known us as an expert in creating comfortable sleepwear, but now you also know us as your Comfort Wear provider.

Discover the collection here.