#EverydayLeadingWomen: Channeling the Empowerment

In today’s journal, we are still talking about empowerment, be it empowering or be empowered. We believe, through sharing their stories, we can channel the empowerment in yourself. We hope courage, confidence and power within you can be channeled out and be stronger together. In the second part of the story, we asked Ellen Nio (Head of Sales. Operation & Product at Tokopedia), Wina Wilanisa Wirsatyo (Communications Specialist), Stella Tambunan (Treasurer at YCAB Foundation), and Monita Moerdani (Senior Vice President of Transportation Marketing at GOJEK) to share their secrets in ensuring a balanced work-life regime.

How does dressing comfortably impact you?

Ellen Nio:

I love dressing comfortably as it makes me more relaxed and able to focus better. But dressing up also boosts my confidence and I love wearing comfortable and pretty things

Wina Wilanisa Wirsatyo:

I believe in power dressing. Our outfits need to not only look good, but feel good. If you feel good about yourself by wearing something you’re comfortable in, this will radiate externally and people will see the difference.

How do you keep your work-life balance?

Stella Tambunan: 

I prefer to call it work-life integration, a term I once heard from a women leader/friend. Working for me is part of living, but I agree that it is not all there is to life. I make sure I carve out time for other activities, like going for morning walks with my husband and our dog or playing tennis with my friends, the latter is a hobby I just took up since the pandemic started. And at times when work intensifies and demands more time, I sneak small breaks in between, whether it's staring at the fridge for snack ideas, scrolling Instagram for cute animal videos/posts or watching 5 minute YouTube clips.

Ellen Nio:

I am a mother of a 1 year old daughter. I learn to set boundaries and set my priority. If we didn't put our priority to our schedule then we will be working on other people's priority. I am also selective with meetings to attend and delegate works that can empower my team by giving proper mentorship before delegation. 

Tell us your favorite ways to unwind.

Monita Moerdani:

The simple things... curling up on my couch just enjoying my own company with a good Spotify playlist, a cup of coffee or a glass of  cocktail, and my favorite scented candles. And on weekends I always make time to cook proper meals from scratch, which I find extremely therapeutic.

Wina Wilanisa Wirsatyo:

I light up a scented soy candle (that I make on my own!), put on some chill hop/tropical lounge playlist, pour a glass of wine, and either read a book, watch a TV series or play my ukulele.

Any tips for everyday women to feel more empowered everyday?

Maryam Jamila:

Build your support system. Having a great support system will make a big impact in your life. It could be your close friends, family, mentors, or simply acquaintances. Sounds simple, but friendly and positive interaction will make you feel happy and help you feel empowered on a daily basis.

Wina Wilanisa Wirsatyo:

Spend time with yourself to really know yourself. Once you do, you will feel empowered to do anything and everything you want because the answer will always come from within you. Every woman has their own "light", let it shine for others to see. 

SARE/ studio and Women Works hope that women can continue to be empowering and be empowered by each other. To be each other’s strength in conquering and breaking the ceilings. It might take a lot of courage, patience and sacrifices, but we believe women can do it when we are together. SARE/ studio also wants to remind you that it is okay to take a break, to unwind, to rest when needed. Starting from your relaxed mind, body and soul, comes a greater self.