Welcoming Wadari

Being at home for a whole year has shaped us to seek beauties in the small things in our surroundings. Some of us find them in the serenity that comes with our morning routine. While many others find them in their newly made home-garden, growing plants and seeing them bloom. This print is our take on that, of how simple things and small beauties are enough to make us feel good.

For this collection, we opt for a more “traditional” and simplistic approach. We chose to use flowers as the “traditional” symbol of beauty and femininity. The challenge is how to preserve its classic nature while keeping them relevant to our modern definition of femininity. 

We decided to present the flower print as outlines in broken-white color, contrasting the yellow-green background. The understated beauty of this combination gives you a sense of calmness just by looking at it. 

The collection becomes more special as we are presenting Green Flower to celebrate International Women’s Day. You heard it right, for the collection we are focusing ourselves on womenswear and kids collection. 

Through this collection, we aim to empower our community by giving comfort to all of the everyday women with our #EverydayPajamas. For us, empowerment is a thing that should be pass-on, and we’re passing it on through the comfort of our pieces. Enjoy Green Flower, see the full collection here.