Cruising & Dreaming in Stripes

This year has been an up-and-down journey. With the extended public activity restrictions and travel bans, we guess it has become more important than ever before that we view this summer as a time to reconnect with ourselves—away from our routines and day-to-day responsibilities. 

Since scoring that vacation feeling without leaving the house is our goal, we want to present you Everyday Pajamas that nod to the nautical. Because there’s no denying in the joy of wearing something summery that sets the mood.

Imagine a modern-day sailor, cruising and dreaming in the comfort of their own home. Featuring new scalloped collar details and wide stripes, the pattern has transcended trends and season. Cruising & Dreaming serves as an instant splash of optimism as we navigate through this challenging time. 

Explore the collection and be ready to sail into the summer and immerse into a virtual bon voyage.