Founded in 2014 by Cempaka Asriani and Putri Andam Dewi, SARE/studio is Indonesia's first #everydaypajamas for women, men and children. Its products vary from pajamas to comfortable basics; simple yet beautifully made. With Cempaka’s educational background in Journalism & Fashion Business in Jakarta and London and 10 years experience as Fashion Editor in Nationwide magazines, combined with Andam’s Textile Design & Fashion Marketing basics in Bandung and London also her 10 years experience as Creative Entrepreneurs, SARE/studio is created with perfect knowledge on comfortable fabrics, how to produce, and distribute them to the right market, while still remains stylish.

Treat yourself some nice, new PJ's. You'll be glad you did.
Sleep: Key to Health & Happiness
Studies have shown that getting more sleep could improve your patience, strengthen your immune system, and boost your mood. The general consensus is that most adults need between seven to nine hours of sleep per night. So how do you make the most of those crucial eight(ish) hours? Here's one of the simplest ways to improve your sleep: Upgrade your pajamas!

#1 100% Locally Made
We are aware that Indonesia is overflowing with creative talent and our hope is to make our products more accessible to the community. We work closely with local, independent suppliers to perfect our garments. Our fabrics are sourced from West & Central Java and Bali. While our production is held by artisans located in West and Central Java. Together, we want to make great improvements in developing better quality and clothing standards at the industry.

#2 Luxurious Versatility in Every Piece We Create
Your comfort is our concern; so we put a ‘feel good’ requirement in every step we make for creating our homeware and pajamas. Not only for sleeping, but to do your daily activities too. Because as women, we understand you juggle multiple roles. That’s why versatility is our forte.

#3 We Uphold Ethical Fashion
At SARE/studio, we believe in the importance of fabric and process. That’s why we only use rayon and stretch cotton, which makes the garment more comfortable for a variety of body types and climates. By using both natural fiber fabrics, we put our customer comfort at first priority, while at the same time being environmentally concious. We put a considerable amount of time, thoughts, and efforts to our products, also lots of love in making them which make every pieces special.