Fragrance Oil Pillow Set
Fragrance Oil Pillow Set
Fragrance Oil Pillow Set

Fragrance Oil Pillow Set

IDR 260.000 USD49,52
Pillow Set includes Fragrance Oil aromas: Rose, Matcha, Lavender, Clementine, Mandarin Jasmine and Pine & Eucalyptus.

Tell a different story each time with Kaminari Fragrance Oil collection. Create your personal fragrance blend for your night time ritual and bring a soothing atmosphere to your room.

To freshen up the room, add a few drops to distilled water, and mist throughout or alternatively a steam diffuser. For scenting smaller drawers, add a few drops onto a potpourri / cotton ball.

10ml of uncut fragrance oil.

Important: Kaminari's Fragrance Oil is not an Essential Oil. Our Fragrance Oil is non-skin safe, please do not use fragrance oil directly on the skin.

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